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Best in Quality

Adhering to the global standards, here at RFL Houseware, and every product is a result of a strict R & D process, through which we employ rigorous quality control to deliver global standard product performance and safety.


All RFL Houseware factories are compliant with every established government safety protocol, and more. A safe and environment-friendly approach is an absolute at every RFL Houseware factory and all personnel are trained to adhere to specific safety measures that are upheld at all times. RFL Houseware considers it imperative to always apply the safe and green approach to production and it remains the first priority during any production stage.


We believe that quality and innovation are driven by a motivated workforce. The brilliant men and women here at RFL Houseware are the secret to our success. It is our responsibility and our commitment, to help each and every person at RFL Houseware to achieve their maximum potential.