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RFL Houseware began its journey in 2003 with the initial aim of revolutionizing the consumer plastic ware industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. Reaching each and every household in the nation has always been the ultimate goal. The idea for such an undertaking arose from RFL’s roots in the production of hand pumps, which provided a much-needed supply of water to areas all throughout the nation. RFL’s subsequent venture into the Houseware market arose from a distinct need for safe, modern, and sustainable Housewares products of the nation.

About RFL Houseware

From its very inception, RFL Houseware has adhered to its commitment. The brand has always, and will always define success by the mutual growth of every concerned stakeholder. The brand has undeniably established itself as the country leader in modern and durable plastic ware. The brand has formed an unbreakable bond with the people of this nation as its most trustworthy partner in a wide range of houseware solutions. The brand has adopted a compassionate and sensitive approach in implementing environmental and societal settings with respect to the public benefit. With a nationwide distribution network of thousands of distributors and retailers, the brand has been successful in reaching consumers in every corner of Bangladesh. The brand has introduced and currently offers thousands of products, all devised by some of the most innovative and brightest minds in the country. This immense variety ranges from tableware, kitchenware, cleaning items, food containers, baby-ware to products in the furniture segment, such as chairs, tables, wardrobes to sofa sets, stools, etc.

Future Plan

RFL Houseware is dedicated to creating value, comfort, and convenience for every household in Bangladesh. The priority, now and in the future, is in establishing and maintaining a relationship based on trust and faith with every consumer by becoming an integral part of every household.