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Q -1.  Where can I find catalogues of RFL Houseware products?

Ans: Please visit homepage to download or select Menu>Product>Catalogue and easily download your desired one.  

Q-2. What are the shipping options for your products?

Ans: We offer 24/7 Free delivery for distributors & Retailers warehouse on specific order amount. In case of regular shipment, the standard lead time takes up to 48 hours for distributors and retailers. We also offer home delivery (Free or Partially Charged based on Promotions or Volume) for online orders through Othoba.com or Daraz.com.bd.

Q-3. Can I purchase RFL Housewares Products with EMI?

Ans: Customers may avail EMI facilities through our ecommerce partners like Othoba.com and Daraz.com.bd etc.

Q-4. Do you offer customized products in bulk?

Ans: RFL Houseware is ready to serve any customized requirement for both local and global customers.

Q-5. How can I find your nearby outlet?

Ans: RFL has more than 2000+ Distributor & Own retail outlets nationwide. However, to find out specific area, browse through our Home Page >RFL Outlet > Select Desired Retailer and give your location info to get nearby outlet through Google map.

Q-6. Do you offer any after sales service?

Ans: RFL always prioritizes customer satisfaction in every aspect and always diligent to ensure proper after sales service for valid and convenient reason aptly.

Q-7. Are your containers microwave safe?

Ans: Most of our food Containers are microwave safe up to 90⁰C without lid. Please check for the microwave symbol at the bottom before purchase.

Q-8. RFL’s return policy?

Ans: Owing to the best quality Houseware products our return rate is very minimal for RFL Houseware. However, we offer replacement or partial recompense for specific and valid case.

Q-9. Do you recycle? How do you recycle?

Ans:  We recycle for our products only. For details select Menu>Sustainability >People & Planet.

Q-10. How does ‘BPA-FREE’ relate to the quality of your product?

Ans: Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is present in various plastic and resin, which has been found to have an adverse effect on human health. ‘People first’ has always been RFL Houseware’s standpoint at every point in the organization’s development. Your health and safety is our utmost priority. The BPA free symbol in our products gives you the assurance of 100% BPA free material”.